Third Wave Digital

Content Management System

Third Wave Digital offers a powerful content management system - a comprehensive tool to manage, update and revise your website.A glimpse into the user-interface of our proprietary content management system.

After logging in, just go to the page on your site that you'd like to make changes to, and then "switch" to edit mode (by clicking on the edit icon show to the right). Then add, alter, or delete content through the use of a familiar word processing tool set. Save your changes, promote the page and you are done!


The content management system is packed with a full list of features that will help you keep your website current and up to date. These include:

  • Editing of all text content in a word processor environment
  • Edit images and pictures within content areas
  • Ability to set up tables, hyperlinks, and bulleted lists
  • Toggle between production, development and edit modes
  • Publish manager feature
  • Advanced menu-manager feature to add sub menu items
  • Advanced administration tools to manage multiple users

Plug-in Support

A view of the editor within Third Wave Digital's proprietary Content Management System which is used to make content changes on a website.

The Content Management System solution offered by Third Wave includes a powerful collection of software plug-ins. We have several different tools to manage numerous features like:

  • News & Press manager
  • Masthead/Banner Manager
  • Form Builder
  • Photo Gallery
  • Mobile Website

With the Content Management System offered by Third Wave, you can manage all of these applications within one system, using a single login and a familiar interface.

Third Wave Digital is a comprehensive media design company specializing in a wide array of digital media competencies including digital video production, website design & development, content management system development & support and complete web hosting services.  Third Wave Digital is headquartered in Macon, Georgia with satellite offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida.