Third Wave Digital

Responsive Web & Mobile

Third Wave knows the importance of adapting your marketing to the platform most important to your users. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, information needs to be easily consumable across all platforms. We offer the following mobile and responsive-design solutions to best fit your needs.

Responsive Website Design

To provide a seamless experience across the widest variety of platforms and operating systems, Third Wave Digital can create responsive website designs that display content based on the capabilities of the browser and device being used. In this environment, the site detects the user’s platform, and delivers content in a format optimized for that device. Third Wave Digital's responsive website designs are consistent across virtually all devices.

Here is an example of the various orientations in which a web page can be viewed and displayed.

Mobile Website Design

Third Wave Digital offers a robust mobile plug-in solution for your website based on the powerful JavaScript Library, jQuery which is fully compatible with our Content Management System. This plug-in provides a built-in set of tools that allow our website administrators to control the presentation of both the desktop and mobile website - from a single interface. Using the Mobile Plug-in, it is possible for the administrator to configure the two versions of the site. A desktop page can have entirely different content than the mobile page or a page may appear on a mobile website that does not appear on a desktop site and vice-versa.

Third Wave's designs work seamlessly in any layout, and on any device.

Third Wave Digital is a comprehensive media design company specializing in a wide array of digital media competencies including digital video production, website design & development, content management system development & support and complete web hosting services.  Third Wave Digital is headquartered in Macon, Georgia with satellite offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Orlando, Florida.